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Ours is a small family-run business where everyone does what they can, our production philosophy is to respect nature and the territory as much as possible, we are an organic-run business that works in Losine in Vallecamonica at the foot of the of the Concarena, a mountain of calcareous origins that characterizes our fields rich in skeleton and very draining.

A mountain viticulture made from low yields per hectare (35-45 quintals) and from the pursuit of quality.

For the treatments we use copper and sulfur in low doses combined with propolis or nettle or horsetail herbal teas.

In the cellar the fermentations take place spontaneously with indigenous yeasts, we do not control the fermentation temperatures, the red wines remain in contact with the skins from 40 to 60 days depending on the vintage to then be aged for 24 months in used or regenerated tonnau and bottled without filtration and addition of sulfur dioxide, left to rest for about ten months before being drunk.

Composed of 60% merlot 40% marzemino and other grapes.

The whites are crushed, destemmed and then left to macerate on the skins for twenty-four to thirty-six hours before being pressed, spontaneous fermentation and aging in steel for twelve months then bottled again without filtration or addition of sulfur dioxide and other oenological practices, left to rest for about twelve months.

Composed of pure Manzoni crossbreed grapes.

For us, wine is a natural product and as such we try to respect it for what it is, trying to accompany it and not alter it, this is our philosophy, we hope that what we have produced will please you.


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