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a Muraca is a small agricultural company formed by three brothers, more than a company it is actually a large family where everyone does what they can (none excluded) including children, grandparents, grandchildren and friends.

The Chiappini family has always been involved in viticulture, first at the family level but then - since 2003 - it was decided to plant the first vineyard with modern techniques and from that moment, in which 2000 m of land were cultivated, it has now come to now 2 hectares of vineyards all certified organically.

In 2010, therefore, La Muraca was officially born, with headquarters in Losine in the middle of Valle Camonica and which produces two labels: the Valcamonica Rosso and the Valcamonica bianco.


The labels of La Muraca wines have never changed: the red Valcamonica obtained from Merlot, Marzemino, Barbera, Ciliegiolo grapes, vinified in a natural way and aged in oak barrels for two years and the white Valcamonica obtained from Incrocio Manzoni grapes, always using the natural.


The company's vineyards are all located in the municipality of Losine in the "Sendini" area, an area well exposed to the south, on the Concarena fan, with a calcareous soil that characterizes our wines.

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